Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Day 101 of Dukan Diet:

A friend of mine said "My resolve is wearing thin." This has stuck with me in my head ever since she said it.. it was how I was feeling but couldn't put it in words.

When I was growing up, I was taught to do things the best you could every time. When I did that and it was not up to his standard.. I was made to do it again from beginning to end till it passed his judgement and scrutiny. Don't worry .. this is not a parent bashing. I love my dad. He did the best he knew how at the time. I don't hold that against him. However, those feelings of judgement, scrutiny, and never measuring up sure do stick with you..even when you truly let those things go. As I reflect tonight I realize this is part of my struggle. I "cheated" and now I just feel like a failure, like all I have done is for nothing. I know this is not true and just a feeling.
Chris, when I think about fathers I automatically think of you. You probably have no idea but I "study" your parenting.. because I am in awe of it to a degree.. What is in the heart will come out in conversation and you always talk about Michelle, your children, and work.. which lets me know where your heart it. I know I have never met you or Michelle but I admire your family. I think you are a great balance of rules, fun, priorities and consequences. Thanks for the example :)
I am also "depressed" because, no matter how bad a marriage was.. there is real sadness with divorce, especially when children are involved. It is very hard to let your children go every other weekend and for weekly vacations. I miss my children so deeply when they are not here. I absolutely am happy for them to spend time with their dad (it's so important for them and him) I am thrilled they are having a great time and enjoying family time with their sibling and stepmom. I just miss them and don't feel like myself when they are not with me. Before this is misinterpreted. I am in a very happy marriage to a wonderful man.. and my ex-husband is in a great marriage with a wonderful woman. I am just merely stating that divorce is not easy for anyone and especially children.
I guess my point with all this is ... feelings... Feelings...are just feelings... now I will look at truth:

The truth is.. I have worked hard. I have changed many things for the betterment (is that a word) of myself, which in turn is better not only for me but for my family and friends who love me.
The truth is.. They do love me.. whether I am fat or skinny. But, they love me enough to want me to be healthy. (thank you Kare Bear)
The truth is.. I have an amazing husband.. He is so sweet and loving and kind. He will love me no matter what.
The truth is.. This is now the mental part (which obviously I need strength training in!) It is so easy to turn to food for fulfillment. I will put my trust in God as my only source of fulfillment and satisfaction. (thank you Mel :)
The truth is.. this is hard.. but I am as strong as I allow myself to be.

My resolve is to quit wallowing in self pity. My resolve is to get back on track and whoop this fat. I am the one who made myself fat.. and I am the one responsible to take it off..

Today's weight: 146.6 lbs                        Total weight down:  44 lbs.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cheater, Cheater, Cheesecake eater!

Day 96: of Dukan Diet

I have done well I think. I am way ahead of schedule as far as the Dukan plan goes. I am suppose to be at my goal weight at June 21st.. however, I am only a little over 7 pounds away from that. HOWEVER, I have been very blah, and hormonal the past few days.. and I made a key lime white chocolate cheesecake for house church. It looked SOOOO yummy... and it was! haha.. Yes, someone so kindly sliced a slice in half and it was conveniently laying all to itself on the platter.. I wrestled with eating it for about 12 hours.. then I decided what the heck... EAT IT! I did. It was better than I had imagined. I stopped at that half a piece and hopefully my binge is over... I wish I was stronger..but... I am not. Oh well.

Today's weight: 145.6 lbs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yup, It's me.

Day 80 of Dukan Diet:

I have been absent from this blog for a bit. Somewhat intentional, somewhat not. I did NOT want to discourage any new Dukan dieters that I am working with.. so I didn't want to disclose my disgust at my weight standing still for 8 days... that is very discouraging. BUT... now I am on a 4 day phase to combat stagnation and things are looking brighter.
I am so happy about the people who have decided to go through this journey with me. I am excited that they will see results and will start to feel so much better without the excess weight and be on the road to a much healthier lifestyle.
Even though I have been absent.. I have still maintained my commitment to this diet and have pushed through all required of me. 80 days in and I still haven't cheated at all (that even amazes me). I have added 5 lbs of ankle weights for my walk to try and get a little extra "burn".

SOOOOOO.. who is wondering about my weight and measurements??

Weight today: 151.6                                            Total weight down: -39 lbs

Measurements:                                                     Down:
smallest chest:      36.5"                                            -4.5"                                
largest chest  :      40"                                               -4.5"
waist:                   36"                                               -8.25"
hips:                     40"                                              -6"
upper thigh:          22.5"                                            -4"                            
mid thigh:             19"                                               -3"
upper arms:          12.5"                                            -1.25"
lower arms:           8"                                                -1.25"

fat knee:              15.25"                                         -1.75"             Total inches down:  34.5"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feels Good :)

Today is day 54 of my Dukan Diet:

Really isn't too much to blog about.. being as this is a very repetitive process/diet. I am still on the cruise phase which is alternating PP (Pure Protein) and PV (Protein+Veg) days. Dukan says you must drink 2 liters a day. I accomplish 4 liters daily. I walk a minimum of 30 mins a day, and I eat 2 TBS. of oat bran daily.

I enjoy good tasting food, however I have lost a great deal of my "lust" for naughty food. I see it..think wow.. that looks yummy or smells yummy.. and then I think about my pants and my progress.. and say to the naughty food.. haha.. I like you.. but not that much!

TO MY surprise I still have not had a morsel that I am not allowed, no cheating whatsoever. I think this is largely due to the fact that the scale ,even if its slower, is still coming down.
I celebrate the fact that today I can wear size 8 pants!! WOW. Truly never thought I would see that, but I AM! Feels so good to wear a single digit piece of clothing. I also wore a size M top yesterday, I don't think that will be the norm (because I'm big chested) but I did it.
Today's Weight: 158.8 lbs                           Total Weight Down: 31.8 lbs

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Measurements

Day 44 of Dukan Diet:

Today I will post my new measurements. Are you excited?!
Didn't walk 2 days ago.. It was below freezing and I had worked all day, so yesterday I walked an hour :D
My new favorite thing to eat on my veggie day is .. onion, zucchini, garlic.. then brown your lean hamburger with all that.. mix in a fresh tomato with a splash of Lite balsamic vinaigrette. This is very close to my lovely SKINNY friend's (yes, she does Dukan also)  recipe for zucchini boats. Her name is Melanie and she is a tiny little thing now.. She was the reason I started the Dukan diet. I saw it work for her! Then Mrs.Anne started it and she is seeing great results! These are some lovely ladies that support me even when I am a "Debbie Downer" or just feeling disgusted with myself.
I am starting to see a little difference in the mirror :D

OK.. so

Weight today: 161 lbs.                                Weight down: -29.6 lbs

Measurements:                                           Total inches down: ( -21.25")

Smallest chest: 37"          (-4")
largest chest:    42.5"      (-2")
Waist:              40"         (-4.25")
Hips:                42"         (-4")
Upper thigh:     24"         (-2.5")
Middle thigh:    20"         (-2")
Upper arm:      13"          (-.75")
Lower arm:      8.5"        (-.75")

Fat knee:         16"          (-1")

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm overweight :D

Day 42 of Dukan Diet:

Today I am happily overweight..haha. WHY?! Because I have been obese for a long time now..SO for now I am happy with overweight.
This weather is making me want to crawl up under the covers and hunker down for the winter, but I will continue in my commitments.
My size 12's are loose now :D. However, my size 10's are tight.. oh well. Should I keep the 12's as a reference from where I was OR do I throw these suckers to the wind?

Weight today: 163.8 lbs.      Total weight down: -26.8 lbs.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Day 39 of Dukan Diet.

Today and frankly this week I have been very discouraged.. don't get me wrong .. some very lovely and sweet people have definitely tried to encourage me.. I just seem to be in a slump. I am frustrated because of weight coming off much more slowly and (what I call) gross belly skin..that's all distorted and gross, and the fact that I can NOT see what others are saying they see... either my brain is stuck or these people are blowing smoke up ..well... .
 I KNOW I should feel great, I know I should be uber excited.. but right now I am not. Maybe it is just hormonal.. who knows..
I am also not writing this to get compliments or pity or attention.. I am writing this because I promised myself that I would be completely transparent about this diet and my feelings and such.
So there ya have it. I hope to look on this blog in the near future and laugh at this silly, selfish, impatient girl.

On another note. I have maintained my commitments with this diet. Water, oat bran, walking..etc.

Weight is the same... blah.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Pics

Today is day 35 of Dukan Diet.
I decided to let my daughter snap a few pics of me today to give myself some encouragement. I can fit in a size 10, no .. not well but I can squeeze them on..haha . I will have to work harder to get into them comfortably :D. Today is a protein day. I will have turkey and maybe some chicken. I hadn't lost any weight this morning .. :( but I knew this would slow down..
I am battling a bit of a cold. I have worked very hard this week and it's a rainy day, so all I want to do is lay around in my sweat pants and veg out on the couch. I just might do that.
Recap the pics.
                                                  This was day 1: January 1, 2012



This is today Day 35: February 4, 2012

Today's weight: 166.2 lbs

Total weight down: -24.4 lbs

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick update

Day 32:

Still following Dukan Plan to a "T". Drinking my water. Busy as ever. My back has been hurting very badly daily (broke it in a wreck back in the 90's) this has been a struggle with walking. I have still done it daily and for the time I am supposed to but every step, my feet feel GREAT, but every step is pretty agonizing with the back. I have found if I put pressure on the place it hurts, that it hurts less, so I look like a weirdo (could care less) with a scarf tied on me in such a way to apply pressure on that area. ANYWHO. Point being .. I am still working hard.
I am drinking my water.
People ask me a lot why I cook so many yummy things while I am dieting. I have found that smelling some delicious food is gratification enough, also to see my family thoroughly enjoying it makes me smile :D and happy.
I wore a size 11 junior jeans yesterday and while I am quite sure they were stretched out due to age and use, I fit in them comfortably.. actually had to pull them up a few times :-O

So what we all want to know.. WEIGHT

Weight Today: 168.8 lbs                              Total Weight down: -21.8 lbs

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Busy Bee

Day 28:

I had all intention on blogging yesterday, however, I sat down on the couch for the first time last night at 11pm. Ok, so I laid down.. but anywho.. you catch my drift.
I am also very busy this morning. Hubby has all the kiddos out at the park and I am attempting to clean and do laundry.
I have done well with my eating, however yesterday I only drank 2 liters of water :-O . I also did not walk yesterday ,per say, but I did grocery and necessity shop for 7 people, for two weeks, with a baby and stopped at 5 stores.. I am SURE I got a workout in that, my Durango was packed! My back was hurting VERY badly last night, so I didn't even try to do the walk.
Now that I have tattled on myself. .. my weight..

Today's weight: 171.8 lbs                        Total weight down: -18.8 lbs

Now back to cleaning. Have a happy Saturday ya'll :D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Almost a month!

Day 24:

Protein + Veggie day .. YAY!! My favorite days :D

The past few days have been extremely busy, which is not much new. We are walking around 8 o'clock at night which is very late for us, we are usually in bed by 8 or 9. We walk down a dirt path with surrounding woods and I am convinced a bear, deer, raccoon, opossum  or stray dog will try to take a chomp outta me one of these days..haha.

Yesterday I gave the kiddos (all 4 of them) a cooking lesson :) They made peanut butter rice krispie treats topped with a layer of milk chocolate. There was absolutely nothing about them that I could have, however the children had a great time. If you ask my 5 year old son how to make them.. he can tell you... which means too me, mission completed :D
They were so proud and they said they were delicious! My sweet little girl does not like to get her fingers messy so she ate hers with a fork.

Oh man. Yesterday I got up and made my cocoa muffins only to realize when I sat down to eat a warm one that I had forgotten to put the Splenda in.. this is a terrible mistake, so gross. Threw them away immediately.
Let's rethink breakfast.. I love the SF lemon jello w/ NF Plain Greek yogurt.. yup let's do that + the oat bran.. kinda reminded me of pie with the oat bran in it. Was very pleased with it.
Today I made my pumpkin muffins, didn't forget anything... Delish!

I've been mainly eating boneless, skinless chicken breast and very lean ground beef. This seems to be the cheapest route for me.

I took a picture Sunday 1-22-12 for a quick pic to see if I could see a difference in my body.
I don't see what I wish I saw, but it's a process....

Today's weight: 173.2  lbs                            Total weight down: -17.4 lbs

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best Dessert so far!

Day 21:

Today it has been very rainy. Walked anyway in the rain. Water intake has been slow..but I'm still working on it. I am thinking of getting some ankle weights .. not for every day but for the days where I just feel like running because I have so much energy.. (that was NOT the case today, BUT still I have more energy every day than I had before I started the diet)

Breakfast: cocoa oat muffins, I added cinnamon to the recipe and liked it.. it added another little "note" to it.

Lunch: boneless skinless chicken breast

Supper: very lean ground turkey with onions

I wanted dessert so I went looking. Here we go Dukanistas.. 3 TBS. NF Plain Greek yogurt + (to your taste) SF lemon jello mix. I used almost a half a box. Mix thoroughly. This was tart and sweet and creamy.. perfectly perfect to me :D Even if your not on Dukan you could enjoy this "guilt free" dessert. Enjoy!

Or you can always just have a "stick" of pie :D

Again.. have any questions .. just ask. I'll answer to the best of my ability and usually I am more honest than people want me to be..haha.

Todays Weight: 174.6 lbs.               Total Weight Down: -16 lbs.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do I measure up?

Day 19:

Today I want pizza. BOOO.. I can't have it. Well, I can.. but I choose to lose the weight and inches.. so for now.. I restrain myself. (There is some in the fridge too!)

I am walking every day, 30 mins a day and my feet and heels were hurting..also when I went to bed my right knee was having sharp shooting pains..so I decided I would get me some good walking shoes. Brian Johnson suggested I go to Omega Sports. He was right! Great customer service, knowledge and was in and out in 20 minutes :D That is my kinda shopping! (I hate it.. other than Bed, Bath and Beyond..I could live in there)

I haven't been very creative with my food.. mostly because I still haven't found my rhythm.. don't get me wrong.. this has been fairly easy. There is mostly a clear understanding of what I can and can't have.. I just haven't found my groove. If I was rich this would be way easier..haha. I have found that I still lose pretty consistently whether I drink 4 or 6 liters a day. I shoot for 6 a day..but don't get upset if I get at least 4, which I have been able to do daily, relatively easily. I am very restrictive on my sodium intake.  I see "Dukan" recipes that I won't try because of the sodium content I feel is too high.

I am planning out my first "celebration" meal. Yes, that is how much I am looking forward to it, and yes.. it is a LONG way off. I have mixed emotions over whether or not I would want it to be the most delicious meal ever or disgusting. If it is disgusting I wouldn't worry so much about gaining the weight back and the retraining would have worked... oh well.. these are just the ramblings of my mind.

On with it then. BTW, still feel free to ask any questions anytime.. or suggest things .. I'm open :D

Weight Today: 175.4 lbs.                                              Total weight Down: -15.2 lbs
Measurements Today:         (Total " Down)                   Total Inches Down: -14"
Smallest Chest:     38"          (-3")
Largest  Chest:     43.5"        (-1")
Waist:                  42.25"      (-2")                                
Hips:                    43.25"      (-2.75")
Upper Thigh:        25"           (-1.5")
Middle Thigh:       20.5"        (-1.5")
Upper Arms:        13"           (-.75")
Lower Arms:        8.75"        (-.5")

Fat Knee :) :         16"           (-1")

Monday, January 16, 2012

Still Going...

Today is day 16.  Pure Protein + Veggie day :D

I haven't blogged as much lately, mostly due to the fact that I stay very busy with my family which consist of a wonderful hubby, 3 girls and one boy. Not to mention the dog, chickens, duck, and turtle. I also keep my sweet baby niece during the week.

Quick update.. I have stayed on track, my water intake has fluctuated between 4-6 liters a day. My weight is still moving down. I have walked every day with the exception of 1 so I walked a total of 1 hour the following day to keep myself on track. I get asked a lot of questions about my diet from people who read this blog. I have found it is not the easiest to explain. I seem to forget a lot of information when I am telling them and have to back track..which I'm sure is not the best way to explain things.

I still keep challenging myself. I am baking tons of sweets and my biggest weaknesses... I'm not sure why I choose to do this. I have started adding more healthy ingredients to my family's diet ..for instance.. Saturday I made them pancakes, but instead of just making pancakes.. I made them with pumpkin, added splenda instead of sugar, added oat bran, and wheat germ, and of course ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.. used Lite syrup instead of regular. They loved them :D I love cooking for and feeding my family.. I enjoy it even more when I know they are getting more healthy options in their tummys.

Something I really enjoy from these changes is my walks with my hubby. We truly have a great relationship, however, we use these walks to just connect and talk. The benefit to talking on the walk is we are both alert and focused. A lot of times as married couples you talk at night when you go to bed.. well, for us.. this was difficult.. my hubby gets up very early in the morning so he usually has to go to bed before I do, so if there is any talking that needs to be done.. well poor fella' is usually sleep talking at that point. I don't like to disrupt his sleep either...so I tended to just not talk about things that needed discussing. This has been a wonderful way for us to find this time.

Today's weight: 177.4 lbs                            Total weight down: -13.2 lbs

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unusual side effects?

Side effect #1: My muscles really do feel different.. from the inside out.. it's an odd but much more solid feeling than before, even when I worked out for an hour a day. I assume it is from the high amount of protein I am getting. I don't know.. but I like it.
Side effect #2: You know that crap that builds up on your teeth all during the day and you scrub a few times a day to try and get that grimy mess off. Well.. I don't have the grimy stuff. I floss and brush my teeth and viola' it truly feels like I just left the dentist. No slimy grimy... I love that :D

Today is day 11, Cruise Phase, Pure Protein Day

I made the cocoa dukan muffins today, except I made them in a loaf pan AND I was out of FF sour cream, so I subbed with NF Greek Yogurt and it worked great.. for my children I spread a thin layer of Hershey's syrup Sugar Free on top.

Lunch I made a boneless skinless chicken breast. I made a spicy brown mustard and Bragg's vinegar "vinaigrette" to dress it.. YUM :D

Supper I just ate what I had left from lunch.

I did make Dukan meringues today which were a hit.
4 room temperature egg whites
24 packets of Splenda
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp. vanilla

Whip egg whites and cream of tartar until soft peaks form. Slowly add in Splenda and vanilla. Whip till stiff peaks. Pipe out shapes onto parchment lined baking sheet.
Bake for around 20 mins at 350 F then shut the oven off and leave them in at least for an additional 30 minutes.

It has rained all day. The big girls had a hair appointment, so after their hair was cut we went to the most dead mall I have ever seen. We arrived at 8pm. and even the stores that are open were closing.. we were probably the only people there who were not employed there. We walked our 30 minutes and jetted on home.

Weight Today: 180.4  lbs                         Total Weight Down: 10.2 lbs

Feeling pretty good today :) Yesterday...every step I took on my walk was drudgery. I look forward to what tomorrow will bring and I am supper excited to eat veggies tomorrow :D

Monday, January 9, 2012


Day 9:
Dear You who said I would make it 8 days.. It's day 9... Bite ME :D

Just got in from my 30 minute walk. It is raining, cold and dark. My supportive hubby and 2nd daughter walked with me. They are stinkin' sweet! We three are soaked. I keep my sweet baby niece during the day and it was rainy and cool all day so this was my only opportunity.

Breakfast: NF Plain greek yogurt w/ 2 TBS oat bran and Torani SF Vanilla syrup

Lunch: 3 Boneless skinless chicken tenderloins with lower sodium soy sauce.

Supper: Salmon with herbs and spices.

So far I have had 4 out of the 6 liters of water I will drink today.
I can't wait for VEGGIES tomorrow! Is it sad that I get this excited over veggies?!

Weight Today: 181.6               Total weight down: -9lbs Overall inches down: (-5.75")

Measurements Today:         Total Inches Down:

Smallest Chest: 39.25"        ( -1.75)                                        
Largest Chest:  44.25"        (-.25)
Waist:              43.25"         (-1)
Hips:                44.75"         (-1.25)
Upper Thigh:    26.25"        (-.25)  
Middle Thigh:   21.25"        (-.75)
Upper Arms:    13.5"          (-.25)
Lower Arms:    9.25"         (-0)  

(For Fun) Knee:  16.75"     (-.25)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Day 8:

Today marks my first day in the cruise phase of this diet. I have 165 days left of this phase :-O . The phase changes now from Pure Protiens to alternating days of Pure Protien and Pure Protien + Veggies (Certain ones, no starchy or sweet ones)

Breakfast was the usual.. except oat bran was upped to 2 tablespoons.

Walked for 30 minutes today per the instructions of this stage of the diet.

Lunch was YUMMY!!! FINALLY !!! VEGGIES!!! I cooked lean ground beef with seasonings, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and dehydrated tomatoes that I cut into strips and hydrated in hot water. Used reduced sodium soy sauce to go with it :D

Not sure what will be for supper because I must go to the store before then.

I have adhered to my diet even though I haven't blogged every day. I have drank a minimum of 6 liters of water a day and haven't missed a day of walking what I am required to walk. I am not happy about being the same weight for I think 3 days now.. HOWEVER, I am so proud of myself for pushing through and keeping the commitments I have made. 

Since I have been the same weight for a few days, I am thinking of doing measurements later today and see if there has been any changes.

Feel free to ask me any question you might have in the comment section. I assure you I will be completely honest with my response. :D

Today I weigh: 183.6lbs.                          Total weight down: -7lbs.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Dog thinks I'm crazy

Maybe my dog is right, maybe I am.. but I don't seem to be a quitter :D.

Today's breakfast: same as usual.. was going to make a galette .. however my oldest daughter took her sister's bookbag to school, so we had to make a quick dash out the door and go to her school to retrieve it. From there we went to the second daughter's school to drop off her bookbag. Then off to elementary school to drop the little guys off.
I had to run quite a few errands today. When I was done I came home and fixed my lunch.
Lunch: Boneless skinless chicken breast

Supper: Lean ground hamburger

Then my water heater burst :D Fun stuff!

Back to my dog.. I found at this point of my day I had not done the required 20 minute walk.. at 8:50pm, SOOO I walked a path in my house :) I started in the hall, rounded and came back down into the living room around a stool on to the dining room and around the table... then back down the hall... repeat x20 and you have your 20 minute walk :P My dog started the walk with me as he is always by my side. After a while, he would just walk a little ways and stare at me.. I must say..we wasn't nearly as committed as I was :D

Today's weight: 183.6lbs                              Total weight down: -7 lbs.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bite Me :P

I was told today someone has said that they give me 8 days before I fail. Hahahahaha. Bite Me :)

For breakfast .. the usual.. Greek nonfat plain yogurt with 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran + SF Vanilla Torani syrup. Coffee w/ nonfat milk and same syrup.

Lunch: Boneless, skinless chicken breast with lower sodium soy sauce.
Snack: NF Greek Yogurt + coffee + cocoa powder + 1 splenda = a dessert.. that was not bad..but wasn't very good either.. will have to work on that.

I then got a call from an emergency responder that my 15 year old daughter had nearly passed out. After a doctor visit and a hospital EKG and xray.. we were done. The hospital has a walking track outside (It's flippin' cold and dark). I asked her if she felt up to doing the 20 minute walk, luckily she is very supportive of me and my efforts so she agreed. :D

I was stressed a bit today so I really wanted something crunchy... but ... I didn't do it.

Drove home and made myself a pork loin chop.. had a little mustard on the side.
Drank all 6 Liters.

Today's Weight: 184.4                                Total Down: -6.2 lbs

How often should I take measurements? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


More times than I can count I have changed my diet at home before going out.. to keep from going to the restroom in a public place. I literally wouldn't drink anything or eat anything that might possibly lead me to a public restroom. This is not a new habit, I have had this as long as I can remember. I even have nightmares about it.We all have our fears... mine is Fear of Using the Restroom in Public ( Paruresis ). I guess I will just have to get over this one... or wet myself. EWW!

Breakfast was the same 'ol same 'ol. Yogurt with oat bran w/ SF Torani Vanilla syrup. One cup of delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee (brewed at home) with FF Milk, and SF Torani Vanilla syrup :)
                                               ( My new hair cut! )

Lunch was left over hamburger and onions from last night.

Supper was flank steak with lower sodium worcestershire sauce.

I drank 6.5 liters of water with Mio drops.

My morning weight:  184.2 lbs.
My evening weight:  184.8 lbs.                          Total weight down: -5.8 lbs


Day 2 of the Attack phase was pretty boring... I had some boring yogurt with oat bran and Torani SF Vanilla syrup, 1 boiled egg and immediately started downing the water! My sweet 15 year old daughter decided to take my walk mandatory 20 walk with me.. I love that time just me and her chatting about "life".

The water was easier today..of course I add Mio drops to practically every ounce of water I drink. Mio is great!
I cooked a boneless skinless chicken breast and onions for lunch with spices and some French's reduced sodium worcestershire. Supper was "mock" tacos.. 93% lean ground beef with onion and taco type seasonings. I don't use the taco seasoning packet because with this diet sodium is very restricted.. I did throw on some No Salt.

I cooked some homemade mini apple pies today.. they smelled delicious! Everyone said they tasted great, I wanted one, I did not indulge. I seem to test myself in some way every day..weird..I know.

I felt sluggish and had a headache all day. I think it is due to the fact I had no caffeine. You are allowed coffee, tea, diet drinks on this diet.. I just didn't want to drink more and not get enough water. 

Day 3 has started for me.. I ate my yogurt with oat bran and I am having coffee with nonfat milk and Torani SF vanilla syrup.

Today is very exciting for me, I get my hair chopped off. I can't hardly wait! My hairstylist has been in Bali for a few months so I have waited patiently for her return :D My hair is a mess! I feel sorry for her.. she has her work cut out for her. :D 

We all know we weigh less in the morning than we do in the evening, and the only weight I have for you today is my morning weight, so don't be alarmed if it fluctuates from this.

Day 3: Morning weight:  184.2 lbs.                  Total Down: -6.4 lbs. 

I will weigh myself later this evening and report back to you :D

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginner's Luck

Today is day 1 of the Dukan Diet for me (Attack Phase). I will post my measurements today. I haven't decided how often I will take measurements. How often do you think I should take them?

I started this diet on Sunday of all days! I took this picture at Mom's house.  My mom cooked all kinds of naughty things for me to lust over. We go to mom's house almost every Sunday after church and eat till we are stuffed! I decided to do my 20 minute mandatory walk while they ate. :)

For breakfast I ate some non-fat Greek vanilla yogurt with 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran mixed in. Two hard boiled eggs and a cup of black coffee (wow! I never drink black coffee...usually my coffee is barely beige with the amount of creamer I put in!)

For Lunch I cooked a cubed up boneless skinless chicken breast with every spice known to man sprinkled on added onion ...with the exception of salt and sugar.. and a lovely less sodium dill pickle spear on the side :D

I am working on liter 4 of water. I plan to do 6 liters a day and also take 1 Dr.Schulze Formula #1 a day in the evening for obvious reasons with a pure protein phase. Dr.Schulze has no sugar or fat it is only herbs, so I see no reason I should not add this to my diet, at least this phase of it.

Today's weight (at this time) 189.2 lbs                   Down: -1.4 lbs

UGH!! Now for the measurements:

Chest: smallest part: 41.00"
Chest: largest part:   44.50"
Waist:                     44.25"
Hips:                       46.00"
Thigh: Upper:          26.50"
Thigh: Middle:         22.00"
Upper Arms:           13.75"
Lower Arms:            9.25"

I hate my fat knees, so this measurement is just for giggles!
Knee:                       17.00"