Sunday, January 8, 2012


Day 8:

Today marks my first day in the cruise phase of this diet. I have 165 days left of this phase :-O . The phase changes now from Pure Protiens to alternating days of Pure Protien and Pure Protien + Veggies (Certain ones, no starchy or sweet ones)

Breakfast was the usual.. except oat bran was upped to 2 tablespoons.

Walked for 30 minutes today per the instructions of this stage of the diet.

Lunch was YUMMY!!! FINALLY !!! VEGGIES!!! I cooked lean ground beef with seasonings, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and dehydrated tomatoes that I cut into strips and hydrated in hot water. Used reduced sodium soy sauce to go with it :D

Not sure what will be for supper because I must go to the store before then.

I have adhered to my diet even though I haven't blogged every day. I have drank a minimum of 6 liters of water a day and haven't missed a day of walking what I am required to walk. I am not happy about being the same weight for I think 3 days now.. HOWEVER, I am so proud of myself for pushing through and keeping the commitments I have made. 

Since I have been the same weight for a few days, I am thinking of doing measurements later today and see if there has been any changes.

Feel free to ask me any question you might have in the comment section. I assure you I will be completely honest with my response. :D

Today I weigh: 183.6lbs.                          Total weight down: -7lbs.


  1. Is walking your only exercise?

  2. If you lost 7 pounds on your attack phase, you have done well! Hang in there. I have found that my weight loss goes in spurts. Do measure yourself. I bet you have dropped a size. I think that about 7 to 10 pounds means one size smaller.

  3. I didn't realize that my old blog would be posted...Nicer Than New was my old blog name before I decided on Not Too Shabby, in case you are wondering who in the world this is!
    Anne Albritton

  4. Chris, yes..other than I don't take elevators (rarely is that an opportunity here) and I park in the farthest parking spots in parking lots just for added steps :) I have thought about added more..but I decided it would probably benefit me more if I reach a plateau.
    Anne, I am hanging in there. I was beyond excited to eat a veggie, and my pants were so tight before sadly..I have not lost a size. I weigh myself during the day and I post the highest weight of that day.