Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Dog thinks I'm crazy

Maybe my dog is right, maybe I am.. but I don't seem to be a quitter :D.

Today's breakfast: same as usual.. was going to make a galette .. however my oldest daughter took her sister's bookbag to school, so we had to make a quick dash out the door and go to her school to retrieve it. From there we went to the second daughter's school to drop off her bookbag. Then off to elementary school to drop the little guys off.
I had to run quite a few errands today. When I was done I came home and fixed my lunch.
Lunch: Boneless skinless chicken breast

Supper: Lean ground hamburger

Then my water heater burst :D Fun stuff!

Back to my dog.. I found at this point of my day I had not done the required 20 minute walk.. at 8:50pm, SOOO I walked a path in my house :) I started in the hall, rounded and came back down into the living room around a stool on to the dining room and around the table... then back down the hall... repeat x20 and you have your 20 minute walk :P My dog started the walk with me as he is always by my side. After a while, he would just walk a little ways and stare at me.. I must say..we wasn't nearly as committed as I was :D

Today's weight: 183.6lbs                              Total weight down: -7 lbs.


  1. Way to improvise, Beth! I'd rather be crazy any day than a quitter! Keep up the good work!