Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do I measure up?

Day 19:

Today I want pizza. BOOO.. I can't have it. Well, I can.. but I choose to lose the weight and inches.. so for now.. I restrain myself. (There is some in the fridge too!)

I am walking every day, 30 mins a day and my feet and heels were hurting..also when I went to bed my right knee was having sharp shooting I decided I would get me some good walking shoes. Brian Johnson suggested I go to Omega Sports. He was right! Great customer service, knowledge and was in and out in 20 minutes :D That is my kinda shopping! (I hate it.. other than Bed, Bath and Beyond..I could live in there)

I haven't been very creative with my food.. mostly because I still haven't found my rhythm.. don't get me wrong.. this has been fairly easy. There is mostly a clear understanding of what I can and can't have.. I just haven't found my groove. If I was rich this would be way easier..haha. I have found that I still lose pretty consistently whether I drink 4 or 6 liters a day. I shoot for 6 a day..but don't get upset if I get at least 4, which I have been able to do daily, relatively easily. I am very restrictive on my sodium intake.  I see "Dukan" recipes that I won't try because of the sodium content I feel is too high.

I am planning out my first "celebration" meal. Yes, that is how much I am looking forward to it, and yes.. it is a LONG way off. I have mixed emotions over whether or not I would want it to be the most delicious meal ever or disgusting. If it is disgusting I wouldn't worry so much about gaining the weight back and the retraining would have worked... oh well.. these are just the ramblings of my mind.

On with it then. BTW, still feel free to ask any questions anytime.. or suggest things .. I'm open :D

Weight Today: 175.4 lbs.                                              Total weight Down: -15.2 lbs
Measurements Today:         (Total " Down)                   Total Inches Down: -14"
Smallest Chest:     38"          (-3")
Largest  Chest:     43.5"        (-1")
Waist:                  42.25"      (-2")                                
Hips:                    43.25"      (-2.75")
Upper Thigh:        25"           (-1.5")
Middle Thigh:       20.5"        (-1.5")
Upper Arms:        13"           (-.75")
Lower Arms:        8.75"        (-.5")

Fat Knee :) :         16"           (-1")


  1. Awesome job Beth! Sometimes the right shoe makes all the difference!

    1. Thank you Courtney :D Tell Brian I said thanks too!