Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bite Me :P

I was told today someone has said that they give me 8 days before I fail. Hahahahaha. Bite Me :)

For breakfast .. the usual.. Greek nonfat plain yogurt with 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran + SF Vanilla Torani syrup. Coffee w/ nonfat milk and same syrup.

Lunch: Boneless, skinless chicken breast with lower sodium soy sauce.
Snack: NF Greek Yogurt + coffee + cocoa powder + 1 splenda = a dessert.. that was not bad..but wasn't very good either.. will have to work on that.

I then got a call from an emergency responder that my 15 year old daughter had nearly passed out. After a doctor visit and a hospital EKG and xray.. we were done. The hospital has a walking track outside (It's flippin' cold and dark). I asked her if she felt up to doing the 20 minute walk, luckily she is very supportive of me and my efforts so she agreed. :D

I was stressed a bit today so I really wanted something crunchy... but ... I didn't do it.

Drove home and made myself a pork loin chop.. had a little mustard on the side.
Drank all 6 Liters.

Today's Weight: 184.4                                Total Down: -6.2 lbs

How often should I take measurements? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly?


  1. bi-weekly I'd say. Sounds like you're doing a great job!

  2. Then bi-weekly it is :D Thank you. Your not showing your assets in that pic Dave..where is that million dollar smile :D haha