Monday, January 16, 2012

Still Going...

Today is day 16.  Pure Protein + Veggie day :D

I haven't blogged as much lately, mostly due to the fact that I stay very busy with my family which consist of a wonderful hubby, 3 girls and one boy. Not to mention the dog, chickens, duck, and turtle. I also keep my sweet baby niece during the week.

Quick update.. I have stayed on track, my water intake has fluctuated between 4-6 liters a day. My weight is still moving down. I have walked every day with the exception of 1 so I walked a total of 1 hour the following day to keep myself on track. I get asked a lot of questions about my diet from people who read this blog. I have found it is not the easiest to explain. I seem to forget a lot of information when I am telling them and have to back track..which I'm sure is not the best way to explain things.

I still keep challenging myself. I am baking tons of sweets and my biggest weaknesses... I'm not sure why I choose to do this. I have started adding more healthy ingredients to my family's diet ..for instance.. Saturday I made them pancakes, but instead of just making pancakes.. I made them with pumpkin, added splenda instead of sugar, added oat bran, and wheat germ, and of course ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.. used Lite syrup instead of regular. They loved them :D I love cooking for and feeding my family.. I enjoy it even more when I know they are getting more healthy options in their tummys.

Something I really enjoy from these changes is my walks with my hubby. We truly have a great relationship, however, we use these walks to just connect and talk. The benefit to talking on the walk is we are both alert and focused. A lot of times as married couples you talk at night when you go to bed.. well, for us.. this was difficult.. my hubby gets up very early in the morning so he usually has to go to bed before I do, so if there is any talking that needs to be done.. well poor fella' is usually sleep talking at that point. I don't like to disrupt his sleep I tended to just not talk about things that needed discussing. This has been a wonderful way for us to find this time.

Today's weight: 177.4 lbs                            Total weight down: -13.2 lbs


  1. 13.2 lbs in 16 days? That's incredible. Way to stick with it.

  2. Thank you Dave :D I am surprising myself.