Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yup, It's me.

Day 80 of Dukan Diet:

I have been absent from this blog for a bit. Somewhat intentional, somewhat not. I did NOT want to discourage any new Dukan dieters that I am working with.. so I didn't want to disclose my disgust at my weight standing still for 8 days... that is very discouraging. BUT... now I am on a 4 day phase to combat stagnation and things are looking brighter.
I am so happy about the people who have decided to go through this journey with me. I am excited that they will see results and will start to feel so much better without the excess weight and be on the road to a much healthier lifestyle.
Even though I have been absent.. I have still maintained my commitment to this diet and have pushed through all required of me. 80 days in and I still haven't cheated at all (that even amazes me). I have added 5 lbs of ankle weights for my walk to try and get a little extra "burn".

SOOOOOO.. who is wondering about my weight and measurements??

Weight today: 151.6                                            Total weight down: -39 lbs

Measurements:                                                     Down:
smallest chest:      36.5"                                            -4.5"                                
largest chest  :      40"                                               -4.5"
waist:                   36"                                               -8.25"
hips:                     40"                                              -6"
upper thigh:          22.5"                                            -4"                            
mid thigh:             19"                                               -3"
upper arms:          12.5"                                            -1.25"
lower arms:           8"                                                -1.25"

fat knee:              15.25"                                         -1.75"             Total inches down:  34.5"