Monday, January 9, 2012


Day 9:
Dear You who said I would make it 8 days.. It's day 9... Bite ME :D

Just got in from my 30 minute walk. It is raining, cold and dark. My supportive hubby and 2nd daughter walked with me. They are stinkin' sweet! We three are soaked. I keep my sweet baby niece during the day and it was rainy and cool all day so this was my only opportunity.

Breakfast: NF Plain greek yogurt w/ 2 TBS oat bran and Torani SF Vanilla syrup

Lunch: 3 Boneless skinless chicken tenderloins with lower sodium soy sauce.

Supper: Salmon with herbs and spices.

So far I have had 4 out of the 6 liters of water I will drink today.
I can't wait for VEGGIES tomorrow! Is it sad that I get this excited over veggies?!

Weight Today: 181.6               Total weight down: -9lbs Overall inches down: (-5.75")

Measurements Today:         Total Inches Down:

Smallest Chest: 39.25"        ( -1.75)                                        
Largest Chest:  44.25"        (-.25)
Waist:              43.25"         (-1)
Hips:                44.75"         (-1.25)
Upper Thigh:    26.25"        (-.25)  
Middle Thigh:   21.25"        (-.75)
Upper Arms:    13.5"          (-.25)
Lower Arms:    9.25"         (-0)  

(For Fun) Knee:  16.75"     (-.25)

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