Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Day 2 of the Attack phase was pretty boring... I had some boring yogurt with oat bran and Torani SF Vanilla syrup, 1 boiled egg and immediately started downing the water! My sweet 15 year old daughter decided to take my walk mandatory 20 walk with me.. I love that time just me and her chatting about "life".

The water was easier today..of course I add Mio drops to practically every ounce of water I drink. Mio is great!
I cooked a boneless skinless chicken breast and onions for lunch with spices and some French's reduced sodium worcestershire. Supper was "mock" tacos.. 93% lean ground beef with onion and taco type seasonings. I don't use the taco seasoning packet because with this diet sodium is very restricted.. I did throw on some No Salt.

I cooked some homemade mini apple pies today.. they smelled delicious! Everyone said they tasted great, I wanted one, I did not indulge. I seem to test myself in some way every day..weird..I know.

I felt sluggish and had a headache all day. I think it is due to the fact I had no caffeine. You are allowed coffee, tea, diet drinks on this diet.. I just didn't want to drink more and not get enough water. 

Day 3 has started for me.. I ate my yogurt with oat bran and I am having coffee with nonfat milk and Torani SF vanilla syrup.

Today is very exciting for me, I get my hair chopped off. I can't hardly wait! My hairstylist has been in Bali for a few months so I have waited patiently for her return :D My hair is a mess! I feel sorry for her.. she has her work cut out for her. :D 

We all know we weigh less in the morning than we do in the evening, and the only weight I have for you today is my morning weight, so don't be alarmed if it fluctuates from this.

Day 3: Morning weight:  184.2 lbs.                  Total Down: -6.4 lbs. 

I will weigh myself later this evening and report back to you :D

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