Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginner's Luck

Today is day 1 of the Dukan Diet for me (Attack Phase). I will post my measurements today. I haven't decided how often I will take measurements. How often do you think I should take them?

I started this diet on Sunday of all days! I took this picture at Mom's house.  My mom cooked all kinds of naughty things for me to lust over. We go to mom's house almost every Sunday after church and eat till we are stuffed! I decided to do my 20 minute mandatory walk while they ate. :)

For breakfast I ate some non-fat Greek vanilla yogurt with 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran mixed in. Two hard boiled eggs and a cup of black coffee (wow! I never drink black coffee...usually my coffee is barely beige with the amount of creamer I put in!)

For Lunch I cooked a cubed up boneless skinless chicken breast with every spice known to man sprinkled on added onion ...with the exception of salt and sugar.. and a lovely less sodium dill pickle spear on the side :D

I am working on liter 4 of water. I plan to do 6 liters a day and also take 1 Dr.Schulze Formula #1 a day in the evening for obvious reasons with a pure protein phase. Dr.Schulze has no sugar or fat it is only herbs, so I see no reason I should not add this to my diet, at least this phase of it.

Today's weight (at this time) 189.2 lbs                   Down: -1.4 lbs

UGH!! Now for the measurements:

Chest: smallest part: 41.00"
Chest: largest part:   44.50"
Waist:                     44.25"
Hips:                       46.00"
Thigh: Upper:          26.50"
Thigh: Middle:         22.00"
Upper Arms:           13.75"
Lower Arms:            9.25"

I hate my fat knees, so this measurement is just for giggles!
Knee:                       17.00"


  1. Cheering you on, Beth! And I think doing it on a blog like this is a cool way to do it!

    It's tempting to try to join in, though I am focusing more on exercise than diet (theoretically). Either way, I'm behind you!

  2. Good luck, I'm trying to just reduce portions for now. If your method works ill gladly follow suite.

  3. Yay! Beth has a blog! Looking forward to following your journey!