Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feels Good :)

Today is day 54 of my Dukan Diet:

Really isn't too much to blog about.. being as this is a very repetitive process/diet. I am still on the cruise phase which is alternating PP (Pure Protein) and PV (Protein+Veg) days. Dukan says you must drink 2 liters a day. I accomplish 4 liters daily. I walk a minimum of 30 mins a day, and I eat 2 TBS. of oat bran daily.

I enjoy good tasting food, however I have lost a great deal of my "lust" for naughty food. I see it..think wow.. that looks yummy or smells yummy.. and then I think about my pants and my progress.. and say to the naughty food.. haha.. I like you.. but not that much!

TO MY surprise I still have not had a morsel that I am not allowed, no cheating whatsoever. I think this is largely due to the fact that the scale ,even if its slower, is still coming down.
I celebrate the fact that today I can wear size 8 pants!! WOW. Truly never thought I would see that, but I AM! Feels so good to wear a single digit piece of clothing. I also wore a size M top yesterday, I don't think that will be the norm (because I'm big chested) but I did it.
Today's Weight: 158.8 lbs                           Total Weight Down: 31.8 lbs

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