Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Pics

Today is day 35 of Dukan Diet.
I decided to let my daughter snap a few pics of me today to give myself some encouragement. I can fit in a size 10, no .. not well but I can squeeze them on..haha . I will have to work harder to get into them comfortably :D. Today is a protein day. I will have turkey and maybe some chicken. I hadn't lost any weight this morning .. :( but I knew this would slow down..
I am battling a bit of a cold. I have worked very hard this week and it's a rainy day, so all I want to do is lay around in my sweat pants and veg out on the couch. I just might do that.
Recap the pics.
                                                  This was day 1: January 1, 2012



This is today Day 35: February 4, 2012

Today's weight: 166.2 lbs

Total weight down: -24.4 lbs

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