Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick update

Day 32:

Still following Dukan Plan to a "T". Drinking my water. Busy as ever. My back has been hurting very badly daily (broke it in a wreck back in the 90's) this has been a struggle with walking. I have still done it daily and for the time I am supposed to but every step, my feet feel GREAT, but every step is pretty agonizing with the back. I have found if I put pressure on the place it hurts, that it hurts less, so I look like a weirdo (could care less) with a scarf tied on me in such a way to apply pressure on that area. ANYWHO. Point being .. I am still working hard.
I am drinking my water.
People ask me a lot why I cook so many yummy things while I am dieting. I have found that smelling some delicious food is gratification enough, also to see my family thoroughly enjoying it makes me smile :D and happy.
I wore a size 11 junior jeans yesterday and while I am quite sure they were stretched out due to age and use, I fit in them comfortably.. actually had to pull them up a few times :-O

So what we all want to know.. WEIGHT

Weight Today: 168.8 lbs                              Total Weight down: -21.8 lbs


  1. So proud of you! Almost 22 pounds? That's freaking awesome! I was dissapointed, though. I wanted to see a sexy picture of you in those jeans! ;-)

  2. HAHA! I'm not sure that sexy+picture+me should be used in the same sentence. ALSO.. It is hard to take a good pic standing in front of the bathroom mirror with your phone cam :D. Well, it's hard for me..haha. Thank you for words of encouragement :)