Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Day 39 of Dukan Diet.

Today and frankly this week I have been very discouraged.. don't get me wrong .. some very lovely and sweet people have definitely tried to encourage me.. I just seem to be in a slump. I am frustrated because of weight coming off much more slowly and (what I call) gross belly skin..that's all distorted and gross, and the fact that I can NOT see what others are saying they see... either my brain is stuck or these people are blowing smoke up ..well... .
 I KNOW I should feel great, I know I should be uber excited.. but right now I am not. Maybe it is just hormonal.. who knows..
I am also not writing this to get compliments or pity or attention.. I am writing this because I promised myself that I would be completely transparent about this diet and my feelings and such.
So there ya have it. I hope to look on this blog in the near future and laugh at this silly, selfish, impatient girl.

On another note. I have maintained my commitments with this diet. Water, oat bran, walking..etc.

Weight is the same... blah.


  1. Hang in there! I'm having a really rough week too. My bladder pain is back, and I can always count on it to give me some perspective on life. Any day that's pain free is a good day. Try to focus on all that you have accomplished. Oh, and I have the loose skin too. It sucks, but it could be worse.

    1. I'm hanging :) I'm sorry about your bladder pain. Your right, it does give us perspective. I find it truly a mystery and amazing that we can "know" one thing but "feel" a different way.